Success case


GIMM is present in more than 40 customers of 12 countries that sequence or produce parts for VW Group: VOLKSWAGEN, AUDI, SEAT, SKODA, LAMBORGHINI, PORSCHE, SCANIA. Our experience with these OEMs starts with the origins of GIMM in 1998. Since then we have evolved together in the EDI connections, automatization of the warehouses, more efficient picking processes and new traceability requirements... Several of GIMM's innovation projects have been implemented for VOLKSWAGEN GROUP and their n-Tiers suppliers processes.

LINCS offers an end to end solution for VOLKSWAGEN GROUP JIT/JIS/KANBAN processes, managing the delivery of non-sequenced parts, sequenced parts in short distance JIT and long distance JIS and managing the reorders of the delivery and the invoicing processes. VW Group car factories usually have particularities in EDI connection and/or logistics process. We have software templates that adapt LINCS to these specificities, making the deployment project easier for the supplier.

Among LINCS benefits we find high scalability and flexibility. One of our biggest implementation of LINCS is in SEAT parts internal supermarkets where LINCS is managing the delivery up to 82 container types.

Webpicking module is also implemented in SEAT internal supermarkets to securize the picking process, ensuring the right picking by scanning the barcodes of the part with an ergonomic handheld barcode.

Our MES system, PROCS, is also implemented in several plants that produce high-value parts for SEAT, VW, Lamborghini, Porsche, SKODA, SCANIA and Audi.

STOCS is managing more than 10 warehouses that store parts for Volkswagen Group, some of them highly critical for the production line. Our system optimizes the warehouse workflow, minimizing the time and the effort done by the operator. STOCS is also ensuring the process quality and the delivery time of the parts for the production line, monitoring the process and sending predictive alerts (points of possible errors). New challenges are opening ahead us: Unattended warehouses using Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) that are compatible with human intervention in case of failures.
Many of these plants, have implemented STOCS together with LINCS for sequencing the parts stored. In these cases, STOCS processes are optimized to avoid duplicities in the workflow.

Our Delivery teams in EMEA, America and Asia, are providing quality, near-shore support and project implementation for all these plants.

An extensive and deep know-how from Volkswagen/SEAT manufacturing process till JIT delivery completes our added-value proposal for the VW group.