gIMM Team

Who are we?

GIMM (Global Integrated Manufacturing Manager) is T-Systems Iberia’s MES solution, created to synchronize Automotive Supply Chains (Car Manufacturer and first-tier Suppliers) giving a specific answer to Just in Time, Just in Sequence, Traceability, Production Control, and Warehouse Management.

GIMM manages the logistic and productive activities in discrete delivery or production environments, synchronizing the processes of the plant to ensure the proper keeping of the supply chain.

T-Systems’ GIMM solution was first developed in 1998 originally as a custom-made software, but then quickly evolved into a solid standard solution applicable for the Automotive Supply Chain. It is a MES solution that complements ERP and other IT systems to allow complete integration of the OEM’s supply chain. The product comes along with a non-stop 24x7 service support, and benefits from evidence-based references and T-Systems worldwide coverage. Like pistons of an engine, it is this combination that makes GIMM solution unique in the market.

Implementation, deployment, and support are critical subjects to consider when adopting production-oriented software for the automotive industry, where outstanding levels of automatization require a quick response to any unexpected event. When choosing GIMM, OEM’s and car industry suppliers are adopting innovative technology, but also a commitment to make the project succeed and sustainable in the long term.

The research, the innovation and the application of new technologies and devices is one element of differentiation among our competitors in the Automotive Sector, allowing GIMM for constantly including pioneering and innovative solutions in a highly competitive global environment.


LINCS - Sequencing Managing

Synchronization Management for companies that are tightly integrated with their customer’s plants, ensuring delivery of goods Just-In-Time, Just-In-Sequence or in Kanban (in batches).


PROCS - Production Control System

Control of production or assembly processes and traceability of manufacturing parameters. Provides flexible communication with hardware devices to manage production processes and to ensure their quality.


STOCS - Warehouse Managing

Warehouse management system that optimizes the necessary processes to manage the stock in the plant to achieve the highest efficiency levels in stock management and warehouse usage.



Extension modules in stand-alone mode or together with LINCS, PROCS or STOCS

But GIMM is much more...


  • Flexible, scalable and highly configurable

  • Standard EDI interfaces

  • Poka-yoke systems

  • Communication with production machines

  • Research, development and innovation (R+D+i)


  • 24x7 expert assistance specialized on mission-critical environments

  • +80% incidents resolved within first contact

  • OEM’s demand compliant

  • Multilanguage support service

  • Worldwide support


  • Industrial expertise

  • Highly skilled team worldwide

  • +15 years business experience

  • Excellent knowhow in shop-floor processes

  • Supply chain management


  • Single provider with worldwide coverage

  • Cost effective

  • Global approach

  • T-Systems product