Success case


LINCS is recommended by PSA (PEUGEOT, CITROËN, OPEL) for sequencing in JIT/JIS and long range processes.

Synchron is our module to connect to PSA systems. It is certified for CORAIL and SyncIP (legacy system) EDI exchange. It can be implemented in stand-alone mode or together with LINCS.

LINCS is currently sequencing more than 15 PSA/OPEL plants in JIS or long range (without the proximity of supplier site).

We provide our customers with a software template which is an adaptation of LINCS to PSA sequencing particularities. This turns out LINCS deployments in very standard projects with low implementation times. This template, that is also configurable to the supplier needs, includes the integration of track files, sequence files (stack/PLUQUO) and invoicing files (pre-invoice/PLUTEX). Standard PSA labels are also included.

Another feature of LINCS for PSA is the integration of JIS and long range workflows in case the supplier is delivering from two factories, one in long range and another one in proximity.

LINCS user interface provides dashboards that use track information to help the plant in figuring out the assembly times to adjust the delivery in JIT.